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Activities, YEH and NEH divisions also offered. 
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The theme of rider responsibilities of direction, speed, rhythm and balance was reiterated on the cross-country course. The lesson in the open should contain plenty of exercises that help set students up for the instinctive moment through a consistent process. The riders need to learn the systems described throughout so they learn to make their own decisions and react instinctively and appropriately. The cross-country experience for young horses requires setting them up for successful situations in a “very structured playground” and to teach them to “go there”. O’Connor emphasized the importance of teaching confidence through a progression of exercises, beginning with the simplest ones, to give them time to see and process the information and then jump.
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Each year the Instructor’s Certification Program (ICP) brings in phenomenal instructors to host two symposia, one on each coast of the country. This year’s symposia features U.S. Chef d’Equipe David O’Connor who took instructors through “The Progression of Horse and Rider.” Laura Powell recaps her experiences in a three-part series of the West Coast Symposium, hosted by Galway Downs. The USEA would like to thank Event Clinics for making our ICP Symposiums possible!
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